27th Annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Photo provided by Ian Hart
I have envisioned this series for a long time now. I wanted to make a statement on the impact of clothing and gender roles, and how greatly these factors can affect a person’s appearance.There is so much societal pressure for individuals to look and dress a certain way, and it is often that when individuals do not meet the unrealistic expectations they have for themselves or for others, the result is self-hatred and violence.I wish to live in a world that is more accepting. One that permits individuals to look and identify however makes them the most comfortable. One that helps individuals to see the beauty that is within them."I can guarantee a haircut will never tell you anything about someone’s gender, who they love, or how they f^$%"— Andrea Gibson
Photos taken by Joe Carrotta Photography
My baby cousin Oliver (1Mo.)
A Christmas Poem, by Marissa, (Age 7?) & A Christmas gift (2013)
Paint a surveillance photo."Felix Baumgartner", Acrylic Paint.

Paint the inverted colors of a known food product. (i.e a candy bar, brand of chips) Create a new, interesting composition."Funyuns", Acrylic Paint

Paint/compose the color wheel.Acrylic Paint